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vty: explain how command attributes are used
The VTY features a method to associate commands with certain attrubutes. Tell the VTY user how to use the help to display the attributes and their meaning. Change-Id: If03e07f1f8e7e3c0166a00e3f395e2a46a9a7713 Related: SYS#4937, OS#1601
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+==== The attribute system
+The VTY allows to edit the configuration at runtime. For many VTY commands the
+configuration change is immediately valid but for some commands a change becomes
+valid on a certain event only. In some cases it is even necessary to restart the
+whole process.
+To give the user an overview, which configuration change applies when, the VTY
+implemets a system of attribute flags, which can be displayed using the `show`
+command with the parameter `vty-attributes`
+.Example: Typing `show vty-attributes` at the VTY prompt
+OsmoBSC> show vty-attributes
+ Global attributes:
+ ! This command applies immediately
+ @ This command applies on VTY node exit
+ Library specific attributes:
+ A This command applies on ASP restart
+ I This command applies on IPA link establishment
+ L This command applies on E1 line update
+ Application specific attributes:
+ o This command applies on A-bis OML link (re)establishment
+ r This command applies on A-bis RSL link (re)establishment
+ l This command applies for newly created lchans
+The attributes are symbolized through a single ASCII letter (flag) and do exist
+in three levels. This is more or less due to the technical aspects of the VTY
+implementation. For the user, the level of an attribute has only informative
+The global attributes, which can be found under the same attribute letter in every
+osmocom application, exist on the top level. The Library specific attributes below
+are used in various osmocom libraries. Like with the global attributes the attribute
+flag letter stays the same throughout every osmocom application here as well. On
+the third level one can find the application specific attributes. Those are unique
+to each osmocom application and the attribute letters may have different meanings
+in different osmocom applications. To make the user more aware of this, lowercase
+letters were used as attribute flags.
+The `list` command with the parameter `with-flags` displays a list of available
+commands on the current VTY node, along with attribute columns on the left side.
+Those columns contain the attribute flag letters to indicate to the user how the
+command behaves in terms of how and when the configuration change takes effect.
+.Example: Typing `list with-flags` at the VTY prompt
+OsmoBSC(config-net-bts)# list with-flags
+ . ... help
+ . ... list [with-flags]
+ . ... show vty-attributes
+ . ... show vty-attributes (application|library|global)
+ . ... write terminal
+ . ... write file [PATH]
+ . ... write memory
+ . ... write
+ . ... show running-config
+ . ... exit
+ . ... end
+ . o.. type (unknown|bs11|nanobts|rbs2000|nokia_site|sysmobts)
+ . ... description .TEXT
+ . ... no description
+ . o.. band BAND
+ . .r. cell_identity <0-65535>
+ . .r. dtx uplink [force]
+ . .r. dtx downlink
+ . .r. no dtx uplink
+ . .r. no dtx downlink
+ . .r. location_area_code <0-65535>
+ . o.. base_station_id_code <0-63>
+ . o.. ipa unit-id <0-65534> <0-255>
+ . o.. ipa rsl-ip A.B.C.D
+ . o.. nokia_site skip-reset (0|1)
+ ! ... nokia_site no-local-rel-conf (0|1)
+ ! ... nokia_site bts-reset-timer <15-100>
+There are multiple columns because a single command may be associated with
+multiple attributes at the same time. To improve readability each flag letter
+gets a dedicated column. Empty spaces in the column are marked with a dot (".")
+In some cases the listing will contain commands that are associated with no
+flags at all. Those commands either play an exceptional role (interactive
+commands outside "configure terminal", vty node navigation commands, commands
+to show / write the config file) or will require a full restart of the overall
+process to take effect.