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authorNeels Hofmeyr <>2020-01-24 05:00:32 +0100
committerNeels Hofmeyr <>2020-01-24 05:13:15 +0100
commitc8c77af77f7d5a5f2edea0c5897a5acb23ebe4a4 (patch)
parent2dc172cff64f242723b16a9a6c733e93253dd781 (diff)
fix srcdir to reflect $abs_srcdir
When building .adoc files, we pass a srcdir variable to allow including files that are only in the source tree, but not in the build tree. However, so far {srcdir} is a relative path, and when an .adoc file includes an .adoc file in a subdir, then the directive include::{srcdir} is evaluated relative to the .adoc file in the subdir, not in the original make CWD. Hence the path ends up pointing at the wrong place. Fix this by passing an absolute path as srcdir instead. I discovered this here: osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/osmohlr-usermanual.adoc: include::{srcdir}/chapters/proxy_cache.adoc[] osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache.adoc: ["mscgen"] ---- include::{srcdir}/chapters/proxy_cache_attach.msc[] ---- (Note that I could have just removed "{srcdir}/chapters/" since .adoc and .msc are in the same dir, but the point of this patch is to make {srcdir} generally useful in all levels of included .adoc files.) The above resulted in: asciidoc: include: /n/s/dev/src/osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache.adoc asciidoc: osmohlr-usermanual.adoc: line 29: reading: /n/s/dev/src/osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache.adoc asciidoc: WARNING: proxy_cache.adoc: line 263: include file not found: /n/s/dev/src/src/osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache_attach.msc Note that /n/s/dev/src/src/osmo-hlr should only have one 'src' element. With $abs_srcdir this becomes: asciidoc: include: /n/s/dev/make/osmo-hlr/../../src/osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache.adoc asciidoc: osmohlr-usermanual.adoc: line 29: reading: /n/s/dev/make/osmo-hlr/../../src/osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache.adoc asciidoc: include: /n/s/dev/make/osmo-hlr/../../src/osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache_attach.msc asciidoc: proxy_cache.adoc: line 263: reading: /n/s/dev/make/osmo-hlr/../../src/osmo-hlr/doc/manuals/chapters/proxy_cache_attach.msc I have not investigated whether/why all the other 'include::' all over the place seem to be working -- maybe we never include .adoc in subdirectories that in turn use {srcdir}? Or we have lots of missing images we didn't notice yet? Todo: the missing include should have fatally broken the build, but it just builds the PDF with missing images. a) the mscgen plugin finding empty content and b) the missing .png files should have caused the build to abort? Change-Id: If847f16eab3ddba6009f67ed641b48805467eb1b
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/build/ b/build/
index 54969fc..63c2bea 100644
--- a/build/
+++ b/build/
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ CLEAN_FILES += $(ASCIIDOC_NAME:%=%__*.png) $(ASCIIDOC_NAME:%=%__*.svg) $(ASCIIDO
-ASCIIDOC_OPTS := -f $(BUILDDIR)/mscgen-filter.conf -f $(BUILDDIR)/diag-filter.conf -f $(BUILDDIR)/docinfo-releaseinfo.conf -a srcdir='$(srcdir)' -a commondir='$(COMMONDIR)'
+ASCIIDOC_OPTS := -f $(BUILDDIR)/mscgen-filter.conf -f $(BUILDDIR)/diag-filter.conf -f $(BUILDDIR)/docinfo-releaseinfo.conf -a srcdir='$(abs_srcdir)' -a commondir='$(COMMONDIR)'
DBLATEX_OPTS := -s $(ASCIIDOCSTYLE) -P draft.mode=yes -P draft.watermark=0
ifeq (,$(BUILD_RELEASE))