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trx_if.adoc: Fix typo and formatting of bullet list
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@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ the Master Clock Interface, shared among all channels.
Given a base port `B` (5700), and a set of channels `0..N`, the ports related to
a channel `0 <= X <= N` are:
* The Master clock interface is located on port `P=B`.
* The `TRXC` interface for channel `X` is located on port `P=B+2X+1`
* The `TRXD` interface for channel `X` is located on port `P=B+2X+2`.
@@ -152,11 +153,12 @@ command. If the requested version is not supported by the transceiver, status
code of the response message should indicate a preferred (basically, the latest)
version. The format of this message is the following:
-CMD SETFORMAT <timeslot> <ver_req>
+CMD SETFORMAT <ver_req>
RSP SETFORMAT <ver_resp> <ver_req>
* `<ver_req>` is the requested version (suggested by the BTS),
* `<ver_rsp>` is either the applied version if matches `<ver_req>`, or a
preferred version if `<ver_req>` is not supported.