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VTY: Remove osmo-nitb VTY port number example
We reference the port list appendix where all the ports used by various Osmocom projects are listed and it's unlikely that pointing out the osmo-nitb port would significantly help the reader, so just remove the reference. Change-Id: I354d50314ba248835191fa3da122032201618a0e
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@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ following will explain the commonly used syntactical patterns:
=== Accessing the telnet VTY
The VTY of a given Osmocom program is implemented as a telnet server,
-listening to a specific TCP port. For `osmo-nitb`, this port is `4242`.
+listening to a specific TCP port.
Please see <<port-numbers>> to check for the default TCP port number of
the VTY interface of the specific Osmocom software you would like to