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jjb: ttcn3-testsuites: Spread all test grouped around the day
Before this patch, only the debian+master jobs were spread around several hours, while debian+latest and centos+nightly were all triggered at midnight. Let's instead run all flavours of teh same test (debian+nightly/latest, centos) around same time but not concurrently by marking blocking one each other so that they are run one after the other. Then, each group is separated by a given time spreading the load over the night + morning. This also means we no longer start tests at 00:00, which means docker images will use software from the day after, since the nightly repositories are built around 01:00. Related: SYS#5121 Change-Id: Ib1f374974444cdd5d829c4e57153137ecd9149f1
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