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2018-08-27log: add 'last' option to 'logging print file'Neels Hofmeyr3-8/+62
Allow printing the source file information *after* the log information. Add target->print_filename_pos, log_set_print_filename_pos() and enum log_filename_pos, and the optional 'last' keyword to the 'logging print file' vty command. (An enum in case we want to add other positions later.) Rationale: on log lines, the logging context is usually printed first in the logging text. Without the source file information, this logging context pretty much aligns in an easily readable way. When adding the source file information, each line's logging context info is shifted right by a pretty much random amount and it is hard to spot recurring logging contexts. One solution is to switch off source file info, of course, but that's not an option when actively hacking on bugs and new features. For example, it is unnecessarily hard to spot lchan FSM related log lines in this osmo-bsc log snippet: DRSL NOTICE mgw_endpoint_fsm.c:603 mgw-endpoint(conn0){WAIT_MGW_RESPONSE}: Freeing instance DRSL NOTICE fsm.c:381 mgw-endpoint(conn0){WAIT_MGW_RESPONSE}: Deallocated DMSC NOTICE mgw_endpoint_fsm.c:603 SUBSCR_CONN(conn0){CLEARING}: Received Event FORGET_MGW_ENDPOINT DCHAN DEBUG lchan_rtp_fsm.c:741 lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RLL_RTP_ESTABLISH}: Received Event LCHAN_EV_RTP_RELEASED DCHAN DEBUG lchan_rtp_fsm.c:520 lchan_rtp(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){ROLLBACK}: Freeing instance DCHAN DEBUG fsm.c:381 lchan_rtp(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){ROLLBACK}: Deallocated DCHAN DEBUG lchan_rtp_fsm.c:520 lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RLL_RTP_ESTABLISH}: Received Event LCHAN_EV_RTP_RELEASED DCHAN DEBUG lchan_fsm.c:1232 lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RLL_RTP_ESTABLISH}: state_chg to WAIT_RF_RELEASE_ACK DRSL NOTICE handover_fsm.c:762 handover(interBSCin_conn0){WAIT_RR_HO_DETECT}: Terminating (cause = OSMO_FSM_TERM_REGULAR) DRSL NOTICE handover_fsm.c:762 handover(interBSCin_conn0){WAIT_RR_HO_DETECT}: Freeing instance DRSL NOTICE fsm.c:381 handover(interBSCin_conn0){WAIT_RR_HO_DETECT}: Deallocated DCHAN DEBUG lchan_fsm.c:1196 lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RF_RELEASE_ACK}: state_chg to BORKEN DCHAN DEBUG lchan_fsm.c:354 lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){BORKEN}: (type=TCH_F) Clearing lchan state DLMGCP DEBUG mgcp_client.c:741 Tx MGCP msg to MGCP GW: 'DLCX 3 2@mgw MGCP 1.0' DLMGCP DEBUG mgcp_client.c:743 Sending msg to MGCP GW size: 66 DRLL NOTICE mgcp_client_fsm.c:422 MGCP_CONN(to-BTS){ST_DLCX_RESP}: Received Event EV_DLCX_RESP Placing the source file info behind the log text makes it much easier to follow, while the source file info is still available: DRSL NOTICE mgw-endpoint(conn0){WAIT_MGW_RESPONSE}: Freeing instance (mgw_endpoint_fsm.c:603) DRSL NOTICE mgw-endpoint(conn0){WAIT_MGW_RESPONSE}: Deallocated (fsm.c:381) DMSC NOTICE SUBSCR_CONN(conn0){CLEARING}: Received Event FORGET_MGW_ENDPOINT (mgw_endpoint_fsm.c:603) DCHAN DEBUG lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RLL_RTP_ESTABLISH}: Received Event LCHAN_EV_RTP_RELEASED (lchan_rtp_fsm.c:741) DCHAN DEBUG lchan_rtp(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){ROLLBACK}: Freeing instance (lchan_rtp_fsm.c:520) DCHAN DEBUG lchan_rtp(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){ROLLBACK}: Deallocated (fsm.c:381) DCHAN DEBUG lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RLL_RTP_ESTABLISH}: Received Event LCHAN_EV_RTP_RELEASED (lchan_rtp_fsm.c:520) DCHAN DEBUG lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RLL_RTP_ESTABLISH}: state_chg to WAIT_RF_RELEASE_ACK (lchan_fsm.c:1232) DRSL NOTICE handover(interBSCin_conn0){WAIT_RR_HO_DETECT}: Terminating (cause = OSMO_FSM_TERM_REGULAR) (handover_fsm.c:745) DRSL NOTICE handover(interBSCin_conn0){WAIT_RR_HO_DETECT}: Freeing instance (handover_fsm.c:745) DRSL NOTICE handover(interBSCin_conn0){WAIT_RR_HO_DETECT}: Deallocated (fsm.c:381) DCHAN DEBUG lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){WAIT_RF_RELEASE_ACK}: state_chg to BORKEN (lchan_fsm.c:1196) DCHAN DEBUG lchan(0-0-1-TCH_F-0){BORKEN}: (type=TCH_F) Clearing lchan state (lchan_fsm.c:354) DLMGCP DEBUG Tx MGCP msg to MGCP GW: 'DLCX 3 12@mgw MGCP 1.0' (mgcp_client.c:741) DLMGCP DEBUG Sending msg to MGCP GW size: 67 (mgcp_client.c:743) DRLL NOTICE MGCP_CONN(to-BTS){ST_DLCX_RESP}: Received Event EV_DLCX_RESP (mgcp_client_fsm.c:422) Implementation: for 'last', insert source file info only when an '\n' is found at the end of the log line composition buffer, so that LOGP()...LOGPC() constructs also print source file info only when a log line actually ends. Change-Id: I393907b3c9e0cc1145e102328adad0a83ee13a9f
2018-08-24gsmtap_util: make sure SO_REUSEADDR is applied for GSMTAPPhilipp Maier1-1/+3
When gsmtap adding a new sink it does not supply OSMO_SOCK_F_UDP_REUSEADDR in order to have SO_REUSEADDR applied. In most cases, the gsmtap sink is just receiving packets to toss them immediately, so having one of them is sufficient. However, in other use cases - particularly virt_phy - we actually want to receve and process GSMTAP messages via multicast Applying SO_REUSEADDR (like we did before disabling it globally for UDP in I4a8ffb8d598aca88801a4a0322944d7cdd8d4047 on August 1st) resolves the issue. Change-Id: I1399a428467ca12f1564a14eb8ffb294d4f59874 Related: OS#3497
2018-08-23socket: add flag to enforce SO_REUSEADDR on UDP socketsPhilipp Maier2-3/+5
When IPPROTO_UDP is used then SO_REUSEADDR omitted since UDP is connection less we do not have to wait until lingering connections time out. There were also negative effects such as that two applicatications could use the same UDP port, normally one of the two applications would get an error, but with SO_REUSEADDR this is supressed. However, there are applications (UDP MULTICAST) where two applications must be able to use the same port. In the osmocom project those are osmo-bts-virtual, virtphy and gsmtap in general. Lets introduce a flag that the API user can supply in order to have SO_REUSEADDR applied. - Add new flag OSMO_SOCK_F_UDP_REUSEADDR Change-Id: I94aaf6d5224ab23bde5ea5c4a83569b6145ab32b Related: OS#3497
2018-08-22ipa: Document ipa_msg_recv* functionsPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+22
Change-Id: Ie81e9dd9f9936a414e7cebb2bccffa6f42a302a7
2018-08-20use __FILE__, not __BASE_FILE__Neels Hofmeyr5-15/+15
The intention was to use the file's basename, but __BASE_FILE__ means "the root file that is being parsed and contains #include statements". If we had a function using __BASE_FILE__ and that was defined in an #included file, __BASE_FILE__ would indicate the first file where the #include is, and not the file where the function is defined. __BASE_FILE__ works for us because we don't ever include function definitions that log something, so __BASE_FILE__ always coincides with __FILE__ for our logging; but still __BASE_FILE__ is semantically the wrong constant. Related: OS#2740 Change-Id: Ibc1d3746f1876ac42d6b1faf0e5f83bd2283cdcc
2018-08-20vty: Makefile: Fix LIBVERSION typo introduced in 0.12.0 releasePau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Setting age to 5 is cleary an error, it should be increment by one instead as APIs were added 0.11->0.12 and none modified or removed. Change-Id: I3b3bc808349bc2f949ef9eef64f39e7202ddf946
2018-08-17msgb: Introduce msgb_{de,en}queue_count APIsPau Espin Pedrol1-0/+34
It's a common pattern having a list of msgb and having to maintain its size (for instance, to limit the maximum size of the list). Having the counter updated at the same time that the msgb is enqueued or dequeued helps avoiding introducing new bugs by forgetting to update the size counter at the right places. Change-Id: I33b501e89a8f29e4aa121696bcbb13d4b83db40f
2018-08-16signal: Introduce API osmo_signal_talloc_ctx_initPau Espin Pedrol2-0/+10
Otherwise applications need to use "extern void* tall_sigh_ctx" and set it manually (that symbol is not exported in any header file) or end up allocating struct signal_handler into the NULL talloc ctx. API created in a similar way as already existing msgb_talloc_ctx_init(), but without the pool_size because it's not considered necessary in this case. Change-Id: Id58ca18eb826b8f4183a7cf0dbb2b38cba702a09
2018-08-10bssgp: introduce flush queue functionsAlexander Couzens3-0/+33
To reset the state of BSSGP allow to flush the BSSGP queues. When testing (with TTCN3) the test object should be resetted between each test. Introduce the functions: bssgp_fc_flush_queue() - flushs a single flow control object bssgp_flush_all_queues() - flushs queues of all BSSGP connections Change-Id: I29b6ad6742ddf9b0b58b4af37d9a1cf18e019325
2018-08-06debian/rules: Don't overwrite .tarball-versionHarald Welte1-4/+0
The .tarball-version file should contain the *source version* uniquely identifying the git commit, and not the Debian package name. With https://gerrit.osmocom.org/#/c/osmo-ci/+/10343/ there is a correct .tarball-version file in the .tar.xz of the nightly source packages. Change-Id: Ibeb6d273e2d26f37a36cbde4a948ce95395491f8 Related: OS#3449
2018-08-05libosmogsm: (re)introduce gsm48_push_l3hdr()Vadim Yanitskiy7-24/+49
There was gsm0480_l3hdr_push() declared in a header file, but not exposed in 'libosmogsm.map'. Furthermore, for some reason it was a part of GSM 04.80 API, what is not actually correct. Let's rename this symbol, and properly expose it as a part of the GSM 04.08 API. Also, let's introduce an auxiliary wrapper for messages, where the transaction identifier is required (see GSM 04.07, section Change-Id: I8a045efe8335d83fcbe8d43eb180972e3b1d9dda
2018-08-05gsm/gsm0480.c: use the local msgb allocatorVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+3
Change-Id: I23b4b0e1c237b9b27c1db1c9a824b5329d41a38b
2018-08-05gsm/gsm0480.c: prevent NULL-pointer dereferenceVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+10
Change-Id: I444d95941837458b46e581298f76f3a9926c8552
2018-08-05vty/vty.c: fix bug in vty_config_writeMykola Shchetinin1-0/+2
the vty_config_write function should write: line vty login to the configuration file when the login is enabled. Otherwise after saving the configuration the next login will be performed without password checking (password_check variable will be 0 though it must be 1) Change-Id: I39050b6bf617dac10d3fccc3106f67bdcca1d05a
2018-08-04comp128v23 (minor): update original code site and authorKévin Redon1-2/+4
I was contacted by the (previously unknown) author who provided the new location of the original code. Change-Id: I2dabab20ad018ce473817986bdb250131c010bf1
2018-08-02socket: do not set SO_REUSEADDR for IPPROTO_UDPPhilipp Maier1-25/+33
When UDP is used as protocol (proto=IPPROTO_DUP), then we should not set SO_REUSEADDR in the socket option. Because if we do, we allow two processes to bind on the same UDP port. The errornous situation will be undetectable to both applications. So lets only set SO_REUSEADDR when we do not use UDP. - Add check if we use UDP, if yes do not set SO_REUSEADDR Change-Id: I4a8ffb8d598aca88801a4a0322944d7cdd8d4047 Related: OS#3441
2018-08-02socket: check return code of setsockoptPhilipp Maier1-1/+8
the return code of the last setsockopt() call in osmo_sock_init() is not checked. Since all other calls to setsockopt are checked, lets check this one as well. - check return code of setsockopt() and close the socket on failure Change-Id: I96dbccc3bcff35bf39979dbe0c44aadc8ce20c83
2018-08-01re-introduce ipa_ccm_idtag_parse_off()Harald Welte3-6/+16
In the previous commit we deprecated ipa_ccm_idtag_parse() but also removed ipa_ccm_idtag_parse_off(), for which I couldn't find any users. However, legacy openbsc.git still uses this function, so let's re-introiduce it in its original form. Change-Id: Ibfe53b04340eb355c8bfb8453a2af1522a4b6baf
2018-08-01jenkins_arm.sh: Use same Werror related options as on other buildsHarald Welte1-1/+5
Change-Id: I45ab11b461a35923853f38b5bedd5025f53cc5b5
2018-08-01Deprecate ipa_ccm_idtag_parse() with ipa_ccm_id_{get,resp}_parse()Harald Welte5-15/+149
In the past, the function ipa_ccm_idtag_parse() was used to parse the payload of IPA CCM ID RESP packets. However, the function was based on a possible misunderstanding of the message encoding, and callers actually counted the first (upper) length nibble as part of the header and passed a pointer to the second (lower) length nibble of the first TLV into this function. As such, it was unfixable, and had to be replaced with a new function called ipa_ccm_id_resp_parse(). At the same time, we also add ipa_ccm_id_get_parse() to parse the slightly different format of the IPA CCM ID GET payload. We can never be 100% sure what is "correct", as our understanding of the protocol is entirely based on protocol analysis, without any official documentation available. This patch also introduces unit test coverage for both of the new functions. Revert "ipa: Add libosmogsm.map entry for ipa_ccm_idtag_parse_off" This reverts commit 7f31c90b80c08fbfe2d84d70d397402fdb38b94c. Revert "ipa: Properly parse LV stream of a ID_GET request" This reverts commit f558ed4bb9c0f00997b8f97c2b251a574c1a64c4. It introduced a function/behavior that was not originally intended: The parse of IPA CCM ID GET (8bit length followed by 1 byte tag and variable-length payload) instead of the IPA CCM ID RESP (16bit length followed by 1 byte tag and variable-length payload). Change-Id: I1834d90fbcdbfcb05f5b8cfe39bfe9543737ef8f
2018-07-31cosmetic: More context / naming / comment for test_idtag_parsing()Harald Welte1-2/+3
Change-Id: I1ebeba2067549e0dd1541fa84715d44321ff3b43
2018-07-30import oap_client_test from osmo-sgsnHarald Welte6-39/+322
As oap_client has moved from osmo-sgsn to libosmogsm, it is only fair that the related unit test shall also be moved here. Change-Id: I9d64e10b4bacac9b530cf077841bad762fc6d558
2018-07-30oap_client: Rename symbols with osmo_ prefixHarald Welte3-41/+41
As we're moving this to a common/shared library now, we need to use the osmo_ namespace prefix for symbol names, struct/type names and constants. Change-Id: Ie36729996abd30b84d1c30a09f62ebc6a9794950
2018-07-30import oap_client into libosmogsmHarald Welte5-1/+369
This imports the code from osmo-msc 6afef893e17bce67e4d4119acd34d480ed03ba77 with minimal changes to make it compile. Symbol renaming to osmo_ prefix is done separately in a follow-up patch to have a as-clean-as-possible import first. Change-Id: I9bc38102318da02d1fe46ef516df3cfd6bf8e3da
2018-07-30vty/vty.c: remove dead unused tall_bsc_ctxVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+0
Change-Id: I160728544c0effe45757df22f1ff2314fcb13dd1
2018-07-2904.80: New gsm0480_gen_{reject,return_error}() functionsHarald Welte3-0/+68
Add functions to generate TS 04.80 (supplementary services) Reject and ReturnError components. Change-Id: I6e5ee39c3d03364f7833ec717593d5ddb0a4c5f9
2018-07-29USSD: Introduce gsm0480_gen_ussd_resp_7bit()Harald Welte3-1/+24
Contrary to the existing gsm0480_create_ussd_resp(), the new function only generates the value part of the FACILITY IE, and not the IE Tag/Length or the 04.08 L3 header. This is needed in the context of GSUP-encapsulated USSD, as here we don't work with L3 messages, but only pass on the FACILITY IE value. Change-Id: Ide240279240322f643e142229eb7829f538c6314
2018-07-29gsm0480: Factor out msgb allocation helper functionHarald Welte3-1/+9
Change-Id: If25b467481023eadaaf3f78157eceff4b81d24d2
2018-07-29ctrl/vty: fsm: use correct element when iterating over fsm->proc.childrenAlexander Couzens2-2/+2
Fixes crashes when using vty `show fsm-instances all` when fsm children are present. Change-Id: I4ae0bee7f7f57ec6675cfb52ca6cf0d523d15362
2018-07-27cosmetic: osmo-sim-test.c: use memcpy instead of strncpyNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+2
gcc 8.1.0 complains that the terminating \0 is not copied by strncpy, while this code intends to do exactly that. Use memcpy instead. Change-Id: I8d66fa22502c04d11ae153b9856d7e54f3492dd6
2018-07-27fix strncpy bugs in socket.cNeels Hofmeyr1-2/+1
Change-Id: Iddf36d26b23dcef4f9b291fd7ead1907e38c3486
2018-07-27fix strncpy bugs in gsm/ipa.cNeels Hofmeyr1-7/+6
Change-Id: I423a24c55c9b9aa6fc8f501df94fe54c71ee2b2b
2018-07-27GSMTAP: add SIM sub_typesKévin Redon1-1/+13
In SIMtrace 1 the ATR was sent the same way as an APDU. The ATR is not an APDU, and could be mis-interpreted as valid APDU. This change allows to make the difference between actual APDU and the ATR, but also adds sub_types for future SIMtrace 2 use cases. Change-Id: I5bd0dff5a4a90cfe96d9c4f3dec6657e1d85bf7a
2018-07-27Bump version: → Espin Pedrol12-18/+131
Change-Id: I7e66432f37e13fd4c31389e3d89593fa0981e58f
2018-07-26logging.c: Fix whitespace typoPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Change-Id: I943763e175dca6f3078923a494b052319b78574d
2018-07-25logging_vty: Simplify code in config_write_log_singlePau Espin Pedrol1-7/+1
Since we ignore "logging level CAT everything" in logging_level_cmd, we can never run into the case in which we have loglevel==EVERYTHING, so we can simplify this code and make it esier for later removal of everything keyword. Change-Id: I4e76c65a11cc22616c6dfc632435617ebb861c03
2018-07-25logging: log_vty_command_string: Fix undercount of buf alloc sizePau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Change-Id: I7aca0ce3d2981001e8081f7cee0dea3e2aaf8f7c
2018-07-25stats_statsd: sanitize statsd nameAlexander Couzens1-1/+22
The statsd protocol use ':' as seperator between name and value. It's not allowed to use the seperator in a name. Replace ':' with '.' before sending the packet to the statsd server. Change-Id: Ib46d08481e8ca04afd97cb9ae241e4e39c91ad66
2018-07-24stats_vty: Add asciidoc sections between the different countersDaniel Willmann1-0/+3
Change-Id: Ie37be744abd8c47211d64877bcd17f94465bd423
2018-07-22gprs_ns.h: Declare gprs_ns_cause_str() which already existed in c fileHarald Welte1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ia95f0cc8d110f95814173bb5a1c11bd85d8cd533
2018-07-21rate_ctr: Improve loggingPau Espin Pedrol1-15/+20
Previous logic regarding logging of verification and mangling of rate_ctr groups made it difficult to debug when an issue occurrs. Change-Id: I992d165cab5ee6ca9b5b7e4a2210a0951954bd34
2018-07-21tests: codec: ecu_fr: Add buffer with unequal XMAXC valuesPau Espin Pedrol2-17/+47
This buffer verifies that all XMAXC fields must be zero before the entire buffer is considered as silent by osmo_ecu_fr_conceal(). Change-Id: I14a192d001b5e167437cedbe76a1a3dd84dde35c
2018-07-21tests: codec: ecu_fr: Print XMAXC fieldsPau Espin Pedrol2-25/+54
This makes it easy to debug how XMAXC fields are decreased every iteration in osmo_ecu_fr_conceal(). Change-Id: I678d4be5e0b15b05873b0d3bf5ea5bbee7bef839
2018-07-21libosmocodec: FR err concealment: Fix too many silent frames generatedPau Espin Pedrol1-10/+6
As stated in its own documentation, reduce_xmaxcr_all() should only return true when ALL XMAXC fields return true. However, previous implementation returned true when at least one of them returned true. As a result, if any of the sections is silent (for instance because one of the bursts was lost), the whole frame is silenced, returning a zeroed buffer. Related: OS#2700 Fixes: 40def49ac4b8babbd1b17c232137ce50a428706b ("libosmocodec: implement ECU (Error Concealment Unit) for FR") Change-Id: I1624b7c6574f53d0593a61645d4fdc5d56cabe96
2018-07-20vty: initialize termios before using itAlexander Couzens1-1/+1
valgrind complains about using unitialised bytes in syscalls. I could imagine this happens when tcgetattr fails to set termios. Change-Id: I9d165911fa3127afa8f836fa5c5c2e14a949474a
2018-07-20add osmo_sockaddr_to_str_and_uint()Neels Hofmeyr4-0/+148
This came from osmo-bsc refactoring patch I82e3f918295daa83274a4cf803f046979f284366 https://gerrit.osmocom.org/#/c/osmo-bsc/+/9671/6/src/osmo-bsc/gsm_data.c@1708 Add regression test in utils_test.c. Change-Id: I1f2918418c38918c5ac70acaa51a47adfca12b5e
2018-07-20utils_test: check stderr to catch sanitizer issuesNeels Hofmeyr3-2/+3
Recent OS#3407 shows that we should verify stderr to catch sanitizer failures. (They might not always be ignorable like that one.) Change-Id: Ic9e437a1cc96ae081e0fd6a9b6e3156987e14c0c
2018-07-20utils_test: fix isqrt_test calculation rangeNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
Multiplying the uint16_t x by itself seems to default to be calculated in int32_t range, while it obviously needs uint32_t. This causes sporadic sanitizer barfs: Testing integer square-root utils_test.c:445:18: runtime error: signed integer overflow: 60369 * 60369 cannot be represented in type 'int' The final result is still correct, because it is in fact interpreted as uint32_t. Cast to uint32_t to make sure the sanitizer doesn't complain. Related: OS#3407 Change-Id: I83c14e38deaa466d977ee43c9420534ed90f090d
2018-07-19libosmocoding: clarify return values for TCH decoding functionsPau Espin Pedrol1-4/+8
Change-Id: I7d6c61e6a1b5d1fae26f385b420ff55246c4b62f
2018-07-16tests: ctrl: Test received ERROR messages are handled correctlyPau Espin Pedrol2-2/+55
Change-Id: I3c8e95aaa1ca222d4cd1395e548f8461bf9d4cd6