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GSUP/SMS: introduce MO-/MT-FORWARD-SM messages
According to 3GPP TS 29.002, there are two services: - MAP-MO-FORWARD-SHORT-MESSAGE (see 12.2), - MAP-MT-FORWARD-SHORT-MESSAGE (see 12.9), which are used to forward MO/MT short messages. This change replicates both services as GSUP messages: - OSMO_GSUP_MSGT_MO_FORWARD_SM_*, - OSMO_GSUP_MSGT_MT_FORWARD_SM_*. Please note, that only the 'must-have' IEs are introduced by this change, in particular the following: - OSMO_GSUP_SM_RP_MR_IE (see note below), - OSMO_GSUP_SM_RP_DA_IE (see, - OSMO_GSUP_SM_RP_OA_IE (see, - OSMO_GSUP_SM_RP_UI_IE (see, - OSMO_GSUP_SM_RP_MMS_IE (see, - OSMO_GSUP_SM_RP_CAUSE_IE (see GSM TS 04.11,, where both SM_RP_DA and SM_RP_OA IEs basically contain a single nested TV of the following format: - T: identity type (see 'osmo_gsup_sms_sm_rp_oda_t'), - V: encoded identity itself (optional). According to GSM TS 04.11, every single message on the SM-RL has an unique message reference (see 8.2.3), that is used to link an RP-ACK or RP-ERROR message to the associated (preceding) RP-DATA or RP-SMMA message transfer attempt. In case of TCAP/MAP, this message reference is being mapped to the Invoke ID. But since GSUP has no 'Invoke ID' IE, and it is not required for other applications (other than SMS), this change introduces a special 'SM_RP_MR' IE that doesn't exist in MAP. Change-Id: Ibe325c64ae2d6c626b232533bb4cbc65fc2b5d71 Related Change-Id: (docs) Ie0150756c33c1352bc4eb49421824542c711175c Related Change-Id: (TTCN) Ibf49474a81235096c032ea21f217170f523bd94e Related: OS#3587
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@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ nobase_include_HEADERS = \
osmocom/gsm/gsm48_ie.h \
osmocom/gsm/gsm_utils.h \
osmocom/gsm/gsup.h \
+ osmocom/gsm/gsup_sms.h \
osmocom/gsm/ipa.h \
osmocom/gsm/lapd_core.h \
osmocom/gsm/lapdm.h \