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authorNeels Hofmeyr <neels@hofmeyr.de>2019-07-29 19:28:08 +0200
committerNeels Hofmeyr <neels@hofmeyr.de>2019-08-13 15:35:02 +0200
commitd0b3b9edac978c91bf84aa2537aa24426685b1fb (patch)
parentc144f3a781d77e241a9bf188ad54890f0a3c6fdf (diff)
add vty logp command to echo on all log targets
When reading SUT logs resulting from TTCN3 runs, it can be hard to figure out which log section corresponds to which test code. Add a 'logp' command on VIEW and ENABLE nodes that simply echos an arbitrary message on log output, useful to set markers / explanations from the TTCN3 code, which then appear in all log outputs and can make it trivial to figure out which log section is interesting. logging_vty_test# logp lglobal notice This is the log message DLGLOBAL NOTICE This is the log message From TTCN3, could be used like this, e.g. in BSC_Tests.ttcn: private function f_logp(charstring log_msg) runs on MSC_ConnHdlr { // log on TTCN3 log output log(log_msg); // log in stderr log f_vty_transceive(BSCVTY, "logp lglobal notice " & log_msg); } ... f_logp("f_probe_for_handover(" & log_label & "): Ending the test: Handover Failure stops the procedure."); Change-Id: Ife5dc8999174c74e0d133729284fe526d6eaf8d9
2 files changed, 94 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/src/vty/logging_vty.c b/src/vty/logging_vty.c
index b785be4c..243d6ebd 100644
--- a/src/vty/logging_vty.c
+++ b/src/vty/logging_vty.c
@@ -991,6 +991,44 @@ void logging_vty_add_deprecated_subsys(void *ctx, const char *name)
install_element(CFG_LOG_NODE, cmd);
+/* logp (<categories>) (debug|...|fatal) .LOGMESSAGE*/
+ vty_logp_cmd,
+ NULL, /* cmdstr is dynamically set in gen_vty_logp_cmd_strs(). */
+ NULL) /* same thing for helpstr. */
+ int category = log_parse_category(argv[0]);
+ int level = log_parse_level(argv[1]);
+ char *str = argv_concat(argv, argc, 2);
+ LOGP(category, level, "%s\n", str);
+ return CMD_SUCCESS;
+static void gen_vty_logp_cmd_strs(struct cmd_element *cmd)
+ char *cmd_str = NULL;
+ char *doc_str = NULL;
+ assert_loginfo(__func__);
+ OSMO_ASSERT(cmd->string == NULL);
+ OSMO_ASSERT(cmd->doc == NULL);
+ osmo_talloc_asprintf(tall_log_ctx, cmd_str, "logp (");
+ osmo_talloc_asprintf(tall_log_ctx, doc_str,
+ "Print a message on all log outputs; useful for placing markers in test logs\n");
+ add_category_strings(&cmd_str, &doc_str, osmo_log_info);
+ osmo_talloc_asprintf(tall_log_ctx, cmd_str, ") %s", LOG_LEVEL_ARGS);
+ osmo_talloc_asprintf(tall_log_ctx, doc_str, "%s", LOG_LEVEL_STRS);
+ osmo_talloc_asprintf(tall_log_ctx, cmd_str, " .LOGMESSAGE");
+ osmo_talloc_asprintf(tall_log_ctx, doc_str,
+ "Arbitrary message to log on given category and log level\n");
+ cmd->string = cmd_str;
+ cmd->doc = doc_str;
/*! Register logging related commands to the VTY. Call this once from
* your application if you want to support those commands. */
void logging_vty_add_cmds()
@@ -1026,6 +1064,9 @@ void logging_vty_add_cmds()
+ gen_vty_logp_cmd_strs(&vty_logp_cmd);
+ install_element_ve(&vty_logp_cmd);
install_node(&cfg_log_node, config_write_log);
install_element(CFG_LOG_NODE, &logging_fltr_all_cmd);
install_element(CFG_LOG_NODE, &logging_use_clr_cmd);
diff --git a/tests/logging/logging_vty_test.vty b/tests/logging/logging_vty_test.vty
index 895d2bc1..d77f8ce4 100644
--- a/tests/logging/logging_vty_test.vty
+++ b/tests/logging/logging_vty_test.vty
@@ -468,3 +468,56 @@ DCCC FATAL Log message for DCCC on level LOGL_FATAL
DDDDD ERROR Log message for DDDDD on level LOGL_ERROR
DDDDD FATAL Log message for DDDDD on level LOGL_FATAL
DEEE FATAL Log message for DEEE on level LOGL_FATAL
+logging_vty_test# list
+ logp (aa|bb|ccc|dddd|eee|lglobal|llapd|linp|lmux|lmi|lmib|lsms|lctrl|lgtp|lstats|lgsup|loap|lss7|lsccp|lsua|lm3ua|lmgcp|ljibuf|lrspro) (debug|info|notice|error|fatal) .LOGMESSAGE
+logging_vty_test# logp?
+ logp Print a message on all log outputs; useful for placing markers in test logs
+logging_vty_test# logp ?
+ aa Antropomorphic Armadillos (AA)
+ bb Bidirectional Breadspread (BB)
+ ccc Chaos Communication Congress (CCC)
+ dddd Dehydrated Dribbling Duck Dunkers (DDDD)
+ eee Exhaustive Entropy Extraction (EEE)
+ lglobal Library-internal global log family
+ llapd LAPD in libosmogsm
+ linp A-bis Intput Subsystem
+ lmux A-bis B-Subchannel TRAU Frame Multiplex
+ lmi A-bis Input Driver for Signalling
+ lmib A-bis Input Driver for B-Channels (voice)
+ lsms Layer3 Short Message Service (SMS)
+ lctrl Control Interface
+ lgtp GPRS GTP library
+ lstats Statistics messages and logging
+ lgsup Generic Subscriber Update Protocol
+ loap Osmocom Authentication Protocol
+ lss7 libosmo-sigtran Signalling System 7
+ lsccp libosmo-sigtran SCCP Implementation
+ lsua libosmo-sigtran SCCP User Adaptation
+ lm3ua libosmo-sigtran MTP3 User Adaptation
+ lmgcp libosmo-mgcp Media Gateway Control Protocol
+ ljibuf libosmo-netif Jitter Buffer
+ lrspro Remote SIM protocol
+logging_vty_test# logp lglobal ?
+ debug Log debug messages and higher levels
+ info Log informational messages and higher levels
+ notice Log noticeable messages and higher levels
+ error Log error messages and higher levels
+ fatal Log only fatal messages
+logging_vty_test# logp lglobal info ?
+ LOGMESSAGE Arbitrary message to log on given category and log level
+logging_vty_test# logging level set-all notice
+logging_vty_test# logp aa error This is the log message
+DAA ERROR This is the log message
+logging_vty_test# logp lglobal debug This log message is not echoed
+logging_vty_test# logp lglobal notice This log message is echoed
+DLGLOBAL NOTICE This log message is echoed