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2016-07-20Added changes of resamp_ratio with ppm in the clock offset correctorPiotr Krysik1-1/+1
2016-07-18Removed blocks related to old frequency correction loop (controlled const ↵Piotr Krysik1-797/+0
source and old clock offset corrector)
2016-07-17Changed clock offset controller and company in order to remove from the ↵Piotr Krysik2-60/+120
gsm_input one of the resamplers.
2016-07-17Removed unneeded filePiotr Krysik1-494/+0
2016-07-17Corrections to clock offset corrector that uses tagsPiotr Krysik1-23/+23
2016-07-15New gsm_input blockPiotr Krysik1-217/+273
2016-07-15New clock offset corrector and clock offset controlPiotr Krysik2-0/+1100
2016-06-08Changed clock_offset_corrector in order to address the problem #152 - this ↵Your Name1-329/+342
is not ideal solution yet, as it involves removing of sampling frequency offset correction.
2016-05-23Next corrections of demapping blocks - mainly corretion of SDCCH8 uplink ↵Piotr Krysik3-12/+12
2016-05-21Corrected configuration of demappersPiotr Krysik1-2/+2
2016-05-21Corrected _channe_types vectors in SDCCH8 demapperPiotr Krysik1-2/+2
2016-05-20Big change of the universal control channels demapper:Piotr Krysik4-0/+913
-simplification of the universal demapper, -addition of hierarhical blocks for each of the demappers - so they also look well and readable in python, -addition of helper script for compilation of the demappers.
2014-11-19Changes in clock offset corrector and gsm_input - the previous version ↵ptrkrysik2-183/+294
wasn't working well when samp_rate_in was different from samp_rate_out. Now resampling is done outside of clock offset corrector.
2014-11-06Added capability to receive multiple channels of a single BTS to the ↵ptrkrysik1-192/+251
receiver. It is now possible to receive bursts on channels for which frequency hopping was used. Changed examples to work without hierarhical GSM Receiver block.
2014-11-06Added new block which adapts stream of samples to GSM receiver's input ↵ptrkrysik1-0/+486
requirements (integer multiply of 1625000/6 symbol rate, LP filtering)
2014-08-14Automatic change by GRC in clock offset correctorptrkrysik1-41/+41
2014-08-13Changed directory structure.Piotr K2-166/+205
Corrected clock_offset_corrector (for some streange and yet unknown reason fractional resampler eats strem tags for some values of sps). (this commit may contain some changes that are not described)
2014-08-06Changed name of message input in clock offset correctorpiotr1-37/+37
2014-08-06Cleanup in examples directorypiotr1-0/+567
2014-08-06Added new blocks for clock freqeuncy correctionpiotr1-0/+652