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2019-07-18resampler: adding only one original_offset tag at given positionptrkrysik/trx_hoppingPiotr Krysik2-7/+20
Change-Id: I502ca1075b4ecf37d922c72f60cca5c64fd0fdee
2019-07-18receiver: removed redundant parameter from synchronized_handlerPiotr Krysik2-5/+5
Change-Id: I64862f60eecadd60580a117ab865ea597eaad30b
2019-07-18receiver: fixes of synchronizationPiotr Krysik1-21/+22
Correcting and making sense of some magic constants relating to synchronization. Some magic constants of unknown origin still stay. Change-Id: I5a45ce1c8bceded70d34302a5b136da5f92fd902
2019-07-18plotting: improve interface so it's possible to pass rvaluesPiotr Krysik1-1/+1
Change-Id: I387e462a889f7e3572d8e53a241c63aafed70912
2019-07-18utils/time_spec: support fractional tick_ratePiotr Krysik1-1/+1
If tick_rate is fractional rate_i variable is 0 and shouldn't be used in division. Change-Id: I660922683d837160e0546a0f339560d7d0965379
2019-07-18utils/fn_time: added clock_error to fn_time_deltaPiotr Krysik2-6/+9
Information about clock error is needed in order to transform frame number to hardware time - which is not ideal (i.e. different than BTS time). Change-Id: Icd77b88da0490d6c9565bf3df0342574b91aae6e
2019-07-18receiver/time_sample_ref: SDR hardware time trackingPiotr Krysik4-73/+137
Gr-gsm's receiver needs a stream of samples with sampling frequency that is integer multiply of gsm symbol rate. Many hardware receivers don't support such rates, and even if they do there might be error in their time source. Sample rate is adapted and corrected with use of a resampler. Moreover corrections are applied in the runtime so resampler's resample rate is changed dynamically. Those changes need to be tracked in order to be able to track time of the hardware after resampling. Hardware time tracking is needed to enable triggering of events in the hardware (i.e. frequency changes, burst transmissions). Changes were made in time_sample_ref and receiver in order to enable SDR hardware time tracking. Change-Id: Ide8149a5fc6c22700d3a4542115306a4dc682ff2
2019-07-18constants: added missing brackets to defined valuesPiotr Krysik1-2/+2
Change-Id: I730629a58376fb550799a566faca031fcf1cd00d
2019-07-18trx: renaming of old freq hopping block and creation of a new onePiotr Krysik13-37/+554
The old freq_hopper -controlling USRP frequency with use of tags - was renamed to freq_hopper_tag. The new one - freq_hopper_msg - that uses uhd_source or uhd_sink control message input was created. Change-Id: Ic867446314ef2ee6903cef85d48c280981132dae
2019-07-18receiver: Added resamp_rate parameterPiotr Krysik5-12/+52
Change-Id: Iaffbe8fc28be9a70fbf8fa1689687fbd171f6b0e
2019-07-18Switching version to development (git) and bumping thePiotr Krysik1-2/+2
least significant number Change-Id: I21d79168616d98cd2de3c6a5f597d683b34880ef
2019-07-18Filter out SoapyAudio devicesVasil Velichkov7-8/+89
When gr-osmosdr is compiled with SoapySDR support and SoapyAudio is installed the audio device is picked as a first choice when detecting devices but grgsm tools are not able to work with audio devices. So in such cases the user has to always specify the correct SDR device in the args parameter which is a bit inconvenient. When args is not specified call osmosdr.device_find to get all devices and filter out unspported ones like SoapyAudio devices. When args is specifed just try to create osmosdr.source with whatever value has been specified. Add -l and --list-devices command line option that prints information about all detected devices. Example commands: grgsm_capture --list-devices grgsm_capture --list-devices --args=nofake grgsm_capture --args=uhd,type=b210 -a 111 capture.cfile grgsm_livemon --args=rtl grgsm_livemon --args=uhd,type=b210 Change-Id: Ib84081041ca6c2bc18b9da0c32bac9d3ecef65ca
2019-07-18grgsm_capture: Fix device argumentsVasil Velichkov1-1/+2
We need a space between numchan=1 and the rest of the device arguments otherwise when --args is specified it fails with RuntimeError: bad lexical cast $ grgsm_capture --args=soapy Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/grgsm_capture", line 179, in <module> device_args=options.device_args) File "/usr/local/bin/grgsm_capture", line 57, in __init__ osmosdr.source(args="numchan=1" + device_args ) File "/usr/local/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/osmosdr/osmosdr_swig.py", line 1170, in make return _osmosdr_swig.source_make(*args, **kwargs) RuntimeError: bad lexical cast: source type value could not be interpreted as target Change-Id: I2d1bcee835b695c91a5c44ec78a40b2d969f611c
2019-07-18Improve the TCH/H decoder logsVasil Velichkov1-1/+8
- Change "6,90 kbit/s" to "5.9 kbit/s" A typo reported in github ptrkrysik/gr-gsm#456 - Comment out the "Error! frame_nr:" message as it turns out to confuse users more then it actually helps debugging. - When voice-boundary detection is enabled write the name of decoded control channel messages Change-Id: I697ef944f30c4cabb62c888317dd3a7f8dcd5611
2019-07-18Improve slightly interface of plotting so it's easier to use itPiotr Krysik1-6/+6
Change-Id: Ia70ab45a8beb81512a9f83e316ad2d2bc385ef19
2019-07-18Fix the TCH/H decoder and demapper XML definitionsVasil Velichkov4-40/+26
- The second argument of tch_h_decoder constructor is a string that accepts the value of MultiRate configuration element and not an enum like the tch_f_decoder decoder. - Make the demapper's burst sink required. - Make all parameters visible. - Rename the TCH/H Channel parameter to Sub-channel number. - Add the qa_tch_h_decoder test in the CMakeLists.txt - Fix several typos Change-Id: I92d4f49955c634df7d76f17cfb58d7106846c1bd
2019-07-18Major simplification and some argument changes in grgsm_capturePiotr Krysik1-167/+113
grmgs_capture tried to do too many things for a simple recorder. It was simplified by removing the receiver and ability to save data to bursts files. All other stuff that is not necessary for recording signal to disk was also removed: -setters/getters, -storing of parameters that never will be changed. The 'fc' parameter name was changed to 'freq' to follow GNU Radio guidelines. The 'shiftoff' parameter was removed. 'bb_gain' and 'if_gain' parameters were added. Variables specific to some of SDR's like: -gains at different stages, -bandwidth (not all devices can set it), -antennas (some devices have just one, some not), were moved to separate options group. What is left to be exposed is: -dc_offset_mode, -iq_balance_mode, -gain_mode. Change-Id: I092a43eaddb09a99c6cc05fde13f0ae94d9e0251
2019-07-18grgsm_livemon: Use the osr variable in all blocksVasil Velichkov2-4/+4
In the GSM input adaptor and GSM Receiver blocks the osr was hardcoded to 4 and cannot be changed using the command line parameter. Change-Id: I4e85b898f05db636f18fdea6e5fee4fed6e0382a
2019-07-18MacOS fixesVasil Velichkov2-1/+2
- Include grgsm/endian.h in tch_h_decoder_impl.cc - Revert 0ed39fbf9340bdfb254bec5e3b94d9f00cf9d151 as linking with boost_thread is needed Fixes GH-444 Change-Id: I00884962295082cff3eb64fa21e9f73437be0001
2019-07-18apps/grgsm_trx: introduce initial LMS driver supportVadim Yanitskiy3-1/+73
Change-Id: Ie983b10d1814906b6e659213f865e58d0f5c08e4
2019-07-18apps/grgsm_trx: add RadioInterface driver selection argumentVadim Yanitskiy2-4/+10
Change-Id: Ic11f878c176bad16b057f25725ab0cfecc01782f
2019-07-18trx/radio_if.py: print type of RadioInterfaceVadim Yanitskiy2-2/+10
Change-Id: I6c1ba8546caec122cd1ea0ed87656f691abec068
2019-07-18python/trx: fork RadioInterfaceUHD from RadioInterfaceVadim Yanitskiy5-36/+97
Change-Id: I1644a3f6b8da0d5f2a1a133058269e5383948fda
2019-07-18trx/ctrl_if.py: use relative import for UDPLinkVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
Change-Id: If4b00f6332461d3c37cde5a1f724906ca3d3a30f
2019-07-18trx/radio_if.py: update clock_offset_control in set_rx_freq()Vadim Yanitskiy1-0/+1
Change-Id: I065bf664f775099c90c123c9ff75f262a73bf1be
2019-07-18trx/radio_if.py: do not print anything if freq. shift is 0Vadim Yanitskiy1-8/+10
Change-Id: I100ce2ab8effc00e164e13253894445bdc816f06
2019-07-18python/trx: introduce and use Transceiver classVadim Yanitskiy6-55/+143
Change-Id: I6dc88edbb69a68746cc8e01206dc86f7ea2fa80f
2019-07-18trx/ctrl_if_bb.py: reset transceiver on POWEROFFVadim Yanitskiy2-0/+9
Change-Id: I1e7f74c56388a431794a0b32b8a9537c360f5d33
2019-07-18trx/radio_if.py: introduce a new @property 'ready'Vadim Yanitskiy1-0/+10
Change-Id: I513da0f45c6a608d15fbd0e8eafe14d6af8833d7
2019-07-18trx/radio_if.py: do not init both rx_freq and tx_freqVadim Yanitskiy1-10/+11
Change-Id: I9f251958ec90141d144fdb027aff20182131a1d1
2019-07-18python/trx: get rid of FakePM classVadim Yanitskiy6-69/+8
Change-Id: Ie96eb9735ecaa3329135c7be976ffd277a2f64f4
2019-07-18apps/grgsm_trx: move init code from run() to __init__()Vadim Yanitskiy1-2/+2
Change-Id: I1bcc9c8a2d37d156bbec93be3838200f6c4a80c2
2019-07-18python/trx: use CamelCase naming for basic classesVadim Yanitskiy8-23/+25
Change-Id: Ica9c56d01191dda38e63b51caba2ec8c63b671c9
2019-07-18trx/radio_if.py: use existing 'dict_toggle_sign' blockVadim Yanitskiy1-19/+1
Change-Id: Ifa616644a858f493b9f8706663f9e7fed717f3d0
2019-07-18python/trx: rename 'change_sign_of_dict_elements' to 'dict_toggle_sign'Vadim Yanitskiy4-7/+7
The old name was quite long, resulting into cumbersome imports: from change_sign_of_dict_elements import change_sign_of_dict_elements let's use a shorter variant: from dict_toggle_sign import dict_toggle_sign Change-Id: Ie75e1d6e5e74c7c1cf34154633c1472e4b85dbb6
2019-07-18python/trx/__init__.py: cosmetic: add missing new lineVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+1
Change-Id: I379b321866bd892a52b0c272ed50c670da380a17
2019-07-18Improve voice boundary detectionVasil Velichkov1-1/+22
Decode Alerting and Progress messages and if the in-band information flag is set start decoding the voice
2019-07-18Add TCH/H decoder testsVasil Velichkov1-0/+190
2019-07-18Add TCH/H decoder block with AMR multirate supportVasil Velichkov12-8/+621
Add new TCHH channel mode Add two new optional arguments -m CHAN_MODE, --mode=CHAN_MODE Channel mode. Valid options are 'BCCH' (Non-combined C0), 'BCCH_SDCCH4'(Combined C0), 'SDCCH8' (Stand-alone control channel) 'TCHF' (Traffic Channel, Full rate), 'TCHH' (Traffic Channel, Half rate) --sub-channel=TCH_H_CHANNEL TCH/H sub-channel. [default=0] --multi-rate=MULTI_RATE The MultiRrate configuration element from the Assigment Command message. Example: 28111a40. See 3GPP TS 44.018 - MultiRate configuration Example: grgsm_decode -m TCHH --sub-channel 0 --multi-rate 2811 -o voice.amr ...
2019-07-18Add tests for the TCH/F and TCH/H DemappersVasil Velichkov3-0/+365
2019-07-18Move HR demapping into a separate blockVasil Velichkov13-37/+461
2019-07-18Add HR demappingAndrew Artyushok4-9/+36
2019-07-18transmitter/txtime_setter: fix error print syntax errorPiotr Krysik1-1/+1
2019-07-18lib/trx, lib/transmitter: Include grgsm/endian.hDavid Holm3-0/+3
MacOS X does not have endian.h and the build will fail unless grgsm/endian.h is used.
2019-07-18trx/txtime_setter: print error if reference fn is missingVadim Yanitskiy1-3/+7
Change-Id: I2a6e3f41b6fe79b92d85ff98bc2cd9afd9bdc568
2019-07-18trx/txtime_setter: reduce code nesting in process_txtime_of_burst()Vadim Yanitskiy1-46/+46
Change-Id: I5c334e16d6b28a5e32cd62a177ad56bfc8e748ee
2019-07-18apps/grgsm_trx: (re)structurize help messageVadim Yanitskiy1-11/+13
Change-Id: I612d8ae7d3ff99fee809e10d95919989bfbe0f59
2019-07-18apps/grgsm_trx: remove redundant unit from freq_offset variable namePiotr Krysik2-8/+8
Frequency is always in Hz so there is no need to add that information in the variable name. Change-Id: I509771c3fe072069a680f66b0763ae6825f6d529
2019-07-18Add .gitreview similar to the other osmocom's projectsVasil Velichkov1-0/+3
A gitreview file is required to use git review. More information about git review https://docs.openstack.org/infra/git-review/ https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Gerrit/git-review Change-Id: Ie07446ba1a13e53c87bcc9b23e3b775803d158f4
2018-11-02receiver/time_sample_ref: improve accuracy of offset<->time conversionsPiotr Krysik1-6/+3
Change-Id: Ie6e7ea4337c9e23a8e4445136a3adffc96b19942