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burst_file_source: Fix reading longer bursts
- Read bursts with pmt::deserialize directly from the std::filebuf - Remove the unused unserialized variable - Add tests Since df978693 when the rx_time tags are present in the incomming stream the gsm receiver adds fm_time to the burst's PMT and the bursts that burst file sink writes becomes longer because of the additional field. The burst file source block was expecting all burst to be 147 bytes long and reading files with longer bursts was failing with an unhandled exception. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'pmt::exception' thread[thread-per-block[5]: <block dummy_burst_filter (2)>]: pmt_cdr: wrong_type : #f what(): pmt::deserialize: malformed input stream, tag value = : 115 Change-Id: I989b0d6a6b214088b7880e5cbf7bb6725492dbfc
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