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added MANIFEST.md for CGRAN parsing sake
We are currently working on revitalizing CGRAN, the current version is here https://gnuradio.org/cgran/ and just like the old CGRAN it parses OOT's manifest files to get its information. Feel free to modify stuff, I just copied whatever info I could find.
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+title: gr-gsm
+brief: A GSM receiver
+ - GSM
+ - Piotr Krysik
+ - Piotr Krysik
+ - gnuradio
+ - gr-osmosdr
+ - scipy
+ - liblog4cpp
+ - libosmocore
+repo: https://github.com/ptrkrysik/gr-gsm.git
+stable_release: HEAD
+The gr-gsm project is based on the gsm-receiver written by Piotr Krysik (also the main author of gr-gsm) for the Airprobe project.
+The aim is to provide set of tools for receiving information transmitted by GSM equipment/devices.
+Please see project's wiki https://github.com/ptrkrysik/gr-gsm/wiki for information on installation and usage of gr-gsm.
+Short presentation of Airprobe'like application of gr-gsm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eofnb7zr8QE
+Piotr Krysik <ptrkrysik (at) gmail.com> - main author and project maintainer
+Roman Khassraf <rkhassraf (at) gmail.com> - blocks for demultiplexing and decoding of voice channels, decryption block supporting all ciphers used in GSM, blocks for storing and reading GSM bursts, project planning and user support
+Pieter Robyns <pieter.robyns (at) uhasselt.be> - block reversing channel hopping
+This work is built upon the efforts made by many people to gather knowledge of GSM.
+First very significant effort of public research into GSM and its security vulnerabilities was The Hacker's Choice GSM SCANNER PROJECT. One of the results of this project was creation of a software GSM receiver by Tvoid - gsm-tvoid - which was was the most important predecessor of gr-gsm and of gsm-receiver from the Airprobe project.
+Gr-gsm wouldn't be also possible without help and inspiration by Harald Welte, Dieter Spaar and Sylvain Munaut.
+Special thanks to Pawel Koszut who generously lent his USRP1 to the author of gr-gsm (Piotr Krysik) in 2007-2010.