BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gr3.7gr-fosphor: Missing namespace for thread::mutexSylvain Munaut15 hours
gr3.7-qt5gr-fosphor/qt: Qt5 - Track visibility of the widgetSylvain Munaut15 hours
mastergr-fosphor/build: Update all CMake filesSylvain Munaut15 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
15 hoursgr-fosphor/build: Update all CMake filesHEADmasterSylvain Munaut8-429/+141
15 hoursgr-fosphor/build: Update CMakeLists.txt copyright headerSylvain Munaut9-36/+36
15 hoursgr-fopshor/docs: Misc cleanup in Doxyfile.inSylvain Munaut1-15/+2
15 hoursgr-fosphor/docs: Update docs template to the latest from GNURadioSylvain Munaut16-349/+928
15 hoursgr-fosphor/build: Remove GNURadio cmake modulesSylvain Munaut9-1576/+0
15 hoursgr-fosphor/grc: Convert GRC blocks to YAML for 3.8Sylvain Munaut6-166/+118
15 hoursgr-fopshor: Remove WX supportSylvain Munaut13-494/+0
15 hoursfosphor: Convert mkresources to Python 3Sylvain Munaut1-13/+14
15 hoursgr-fosphor/qt: Qt5 - Track visibility of the widgetgr3.7-qt5Sylvain Munaut2-0/+15
15 hoursgr-fosphor/qt: Qt5 - Associate GL context to the worker threadSylvain Munaut4-6/+48